Reuse WAX from recycling and reproduction!

"Wax Eco" is a surf brand that is environmentally conscious.


Surfing is a sport that associates with the nature.


There are lots of things that can be done to maintain the environment nicely.       


We will develop merchandise with an effort by reconsidering about materials,


sometimes change the form of the product, and by having zero emission.

We developed kit of reproduction recycle wax by individual easily.


Full details will be announce soon!


We will aim to reuse and recycling of wax to protect the natural environment.

How to use scraper. Ecology-loop

Promotion of environmental protection and recycling.

Other function

Anti-slip           Stamp to Wax
Anti-slip           Stamp to Wax

There is recess for rail on the back of blade.

Please watch under video!

Function 1.  Wax scraper & Trash

                 (Hand is not dirt. Storing the waste at same time!)

Function 2.  Stamp of seasonal character

                 (5 words stamp: BAS,WAR,TRO,COO,COL)

Function 3.  Wax case & Comb

                 (Storage: Sex wax, sticky bumps, RANSOM, OSTOMP,             

                 FAR KING, TERRA WAX・・・・etc)



This is technology that was developed in Japan.

How to use ? (This WAX'eco was inspired by traditional Japanese technologys. )


Counter sales dispay kit

18 pcs sets


This products is patented and registered design in JAPAN.

In additional, patent pending United States, Australia and China.

"WAX'eco" is registered trademark in Japan.

Recycling for environment

This thermoplastic polymer chain does not contain chlorine.

When it is burnt completely, this thermoplastic will transform

into water and carbon dioxide.

This synthetic resin is relatively easy to recycle.


We recommend recycling for environmental protection.

We are recruiting the agencies by foreign countries

We are looking for distributor (sales Agent).

If you have any questions such as sales or trading-related,

please contact us without hesitation,

we are very welcome to reply any inquiries. ↵